Touch-based feeding controller

Designing a scalable and modular touch controller for bird feeding systems.

The Customer

Roxell is a Belgian company that designs and produces innovative feeding systems for poultry. They provide a total feed solution from silos for storage of feed to the bowls that the birds eat from. Roxell distinguishes itself from their competition by offering very precise control over the amounts of feed given to birds, animal friendly designs and a solution for transporting feed fast over long distances.

The Challenge

Take the huge diversity of Roxell's customers, add to that the complexity of feeding different kinds of poultry throughout their lifetimes and you have a great many factors that need to be taken into account for the interface. Our challenge was to figure out which funtionality was most important for the customers and to keep the interface simple.

The Quest

Roxell asked us to design a new touch-based controller for their feeding systems. They have a highly modular and scalable product lineup, so they can create a unique feeding solution for each of their clients. The controller need to be as modular and customisable as their hardware.

The Result

Through an iterative design process, with constant feedbackloops and user-testing, we arrived at a design that met the needs of both the customers and Roxell's various stakeholders. We delivered a detailed visual design and an HTML prototype. We are particularly proud that we managed to keep things simple while still providing the customers with a powerful interface.

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