Museum M

A new customer-centred website for Belgium's biggest socio-cultural museum

Past and current visual culture combined in a storytelling website

homepage Museum M and artwork

The Customer

Museum M is a socio-cultural museum in Leuven, Belgium.
It combines old masters and contemporary artists underneath one roof in the historical city centre of Leuven. Museum M's mission is to establish links throughout time, society and in between art disciplines. They do this in a very approachable way in order to serve people from all ages and backgrounds.

homepage Museum M and artwork
ancient time measurement tool

The Challenge

Museum M loves to tell stories. Whether it is about an inspiring artist, ancient time measurement tools or the history of the museum's beautiful building, they tell all their stories with the same passion and dedication.
People of all ages get to know these via a diverse range of expositions and activities. Museum M wanted to show this large variety of narratives and activities digitally to their different target groups with a new website.

ancient key

The Quest

The variety of transhistoric exhibitions and activities had to be at the core of the website. Both children and elderly people should find there interests easily and should on the other hand be able to explore and discover art and learn new stuff while scrolling throughout the website.

ancient key

The Result

Every exhibition, tour or event is announced like a story on the website of Museum M. We provided the right components for the museum's team to construct these stories on a webpage. Besides that, the agenda and the collection page got a prominent place on the site. We spent care to deliver an interface design that made it very easy to look up exhibitions that are over, coming up or currently on view. The collection elements serve as a visual taste-maker to draw people's attention and counterweigh the functional purposes of the website.


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