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The Customer

Herita is a network organisation in Flanders that unites everyone with a heart for heritage. The organisation believes all people, young or old, can enjoy the stories behind historic buildings and places. Herita also feels heritage should be more accessible and part of the public space. By throwing open the door to these important parts of history and transforming them into places filled with amazing experiences Herita wants to attract a broader group of people to experience heritage in a new way.

The Challenge

Herita has a lot of community members, but the most active group today seems to be elderly people looking for in-depth backgrounds and information about heritage. As part of a new vision Herita wants to reach out better to all ages and diversities in society and offer them new ways to experience heritage. Our goal was to do qualitative research into these different groups and define an appealing design concept for a new website that would support Herita's mission.

The Quest

We started the project by doing extensive field research. Based on our insights and learnings we defined 4 distinctive persona's. From the cool skater boy, over the young family mother to the history lover.
 In a set of co-creation sessions we used the persona's as a starting point to challenge the existing B2C and B2B strategy and create paper prototypes for the new website. After the workshops we designed the the ins and outs of the experience of the website and defined it from a technical viewpoint. Additionally a B2B concept was realised, to service the owners of heritage buildings and the partners of Herita through the same web platform.

The Result

We built a website prototype and crafted visual designs for the core screens of the new platform. By spending careful attention to storytelling, surprising visual details and good usability practice we were able to design an effective experience for the different customers of Herita. An important part of the website is an extensive search functionality that instantly motivates visitors to go out and experience new things. In the project we spent special attention to motivational design elements to stimulate interaction between different members of the Herita community - like f.i. comments and reviews, adding personal stories & sharing information about heritage you visited. But also by focussing on interesting social integrations and engaging gamification elements.

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