Work & Social Economy

Customer-centric strategy for public services

Through co-creation moving towards a customer-centric future

The Customer

The Department for Work and Social economy is a governmental institution responsible for employment in Flanders. Through policy coordination, collaborations with the field, investments and supporting citizens towards work they advance employment. After some large organisational reconstructions there was an urge to align all departments towards one shared goal: the customer-centric future.

The Challenge

Expectations of customers are changing, we’ve gotten used to innovative digital services with instant feedback and real-time interaction. How does a large complex governmental institution that just tripled in manpower deal with this? How can they shift their focus towards delivering better services to their customers every day together with the whole organisation?

The Quest

By conducting qualitative research we gave all stakeholders a voice. Citizens were questioned on the streets, partners invited to focus groups and employees of the department were interviewed through cultural probes. These qualitative insights were the basis of the new strategy that was co-created in a 3 day leadership workshop together with the department.

The Result

This resulted in a customer-centric strategy that is carried by the whole organisation. A strategy that did not stop by formulating a vision but evolved into a concrete plan with manageable steps toward a customer-centric future. The quest is not over, in the next fase of the project we’ll continue co-creating customer-centric services together.

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