We won a Henry van de Velde Award!

Published on November 14, 2019 by Stina Vanhoof

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No better award to win than the ‘collaborative award’!
This great teamwork together with Gemeenschapsonderwijs! could not exist without all the other people involved. Therefore winning this award means a lot to us.

The Henry van de Velde Awards are the biggest design awards in Belgium. Flanders DC gives these design awards to honour good design in all its shapes and forms.

A couple of years ago we took on the challenge to shape the future of education together. This resulted in an innovative platform that facilitates student-centred education.

For us true collaboration means taking the input of all people involved into account. Bringing everybody around the table and co-creating a solution with teachers, students, policy makers, designers, education experts, developers, etc. From start to finish!

Do you believe in collaboration and think we deserve a vote? Here you can help us win the Public Golden Award.
You can read more about the project here.

Next to the Collaborative award we also won a digital product award together with Leap Forward for our collaboration on the woningpas!

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