The Knight's Apprentice

Published on May 25, 2018

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Good day! My name is Elise and over the past period, I spent my time as an intern at Knight Moves. As today is my last day, I’m ending with some final thoughts.

It is already months ago since I became a squire at Knight Moves and what seemed to be a far future is becoming short history. I entered the office with an educational background in Product Development (at the University of Antwerp), a great interest in service design and of course the willingness to learn as much as possible. Soon, my last day will pass, but I am not leaving the office empty-handed.

So, what does it take to become a knight?

At Knight Moves, it implies being the ambassador of the user (always!) and his or her needs, working in a co-creative way and thinking holistic. During my apprenticeship, I figured that those principles are taken by heart and brought to life through a various number of practices.


Becoming the ambassador of the user in any situation requires diving into his or her world. You need to find out what the behaviour, motives, attitudes and needs of the targeted users are. Those findings have to be connected and matched with the opinions, expectations, goals and wishes of all relevant stakeholders. It is clear-cut that some hands-on research, both qualitative as quantitative, is needed to gather the right insights.

Which types of research did I get involved in at Knight Moves?


Conducting research alone doesn’t do the job. To become a real knight, I needed training in other activities as well, such as processing and combining the research results, designing successful (desirable, feasible and viable) service concepts and finding the right ways to communicate them clearly. While getting engaged in feedback meetings with and final presentations for the client, I learnt how subtle nuances can really make a difference. A strong visual can for example be enough to convince the client and get them by your side (and naturally that of the user).

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After 10 weeks, I feel like there is still a lot to learn, before I can be knighted as a service designer. I might not be satiated yet, but I am satisfied that I spent this short history in such an inspirational environment and that I was involved in so many different activities.

It’s for sure that I got a great deal of opportunities at Knight Moves to build my experience!

Elise Coudré

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