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Published on March 16, 2016 by Stina Vanhoof

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About a year ago Knight Moves began playing around with the idea of creating a game to boost service design workshops. Since then we have built countless prototypes, iteration upon iteration, questioning the smallest details, fine-tuning and field testing...

Now, one year later, we are proud to introduce you to Kingdom - a card-based game destined to change the way you facilitate and experience workshops. By combining the strengths of play, the power of storytelling and the values of co-creation- Kingdom helps you achieve better results, faster.

Cards London 1

Just last week we were asked to present Kingdom at the Service Design in Government conference in London. In this talk we took the crowd on a journey through the evolution of the game, sharing our unique experiences of the entire development process. But it wasn't all talk, we also allowed the people to actually experience Kingdom for themselves. To simulate true workshop circumstances, people were divided into smaller groups and given specific service design related problems to identify and solve.

This demo moment was the first time our product was truly standing on its own, used by others, without our specific guidance. And to be honest, it was a little scary... What if no one really 'got it' ? What if they didn't see the point of the storytelling? Would they notice all the handy practical features and details? Would they see the same potential that we see?

Just half an hour later we were selling our first decks, right there at the conference!

It's exciting to know that Kingdom is now in the hands of other service designers and enthousiasts, traveling back to places like Finland, Germany and Singapore. We can't wait to see how Kingdom will be used, evolve and experienced all over the world. This, after all, is just the beginning!


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