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Published on March 21, 2017

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Hello! We are Sarah and Antonio students Idea & Innovation Management at EhB.

Six weeks ago, we started, as interns, our chivalrous adventure at Knight Moves. During these six weeks we have not been sitting on our hands. The Knights involved us in all their doings. Thanks to them we were able to transform from students into young professionals.

In a nutshell the awesome things we got to do: an innovation audit at a client, multiple brainstorm sessions, interviews, prototyping, user tests, playing Mario Kart and so on. We have not even been bored for a minute.

Why was our internship at Knight Moves so great? We got the chance to develop ourselves in a great team of Knights that listened to us whenever we had something on our mind. We were able to work on the things that we’re talented at and even when our brain had reached that point when you’re completely braindead, we always had the chance to chill, play Mario Kart or test a new VR-game (as longs as you finished your work ☺). The pictures below show perfectly how we experienced the internship.

We really want to thank the team for giving us the opportunity to do our internship at Knight Moves. More especially, we want to thank Stina for involving us in every possible project. We have learned so much, even more than we expected.

Thank you Knight Moves, for opening a new road for us!

See you soon,

Sarah and Antonio

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