Emerging KdG students into creative thinking

Published on October 12, 2016 by María Crucera

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Last week our team run a creative facilitation training session at Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp. The participants were a group of last-year Marketing students who were following a Startup Marketing course. In this course, students worked together in groups of 3 to develop their own product or service ideas.

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The purpose of this training was to demonstrate the potential of creative thinking and teach the students how it could help them take their projects to a new level. There are hundreds of different methods to apply creative thinking, but we selected three for this session.

The first one was the Cover Story. In this exercise, students had to imagine that their startup appeared on the cover of an important magazine or newspaper in a few years from now. This made the students think about the future vision of their startup, and how they would like to appear on the press.

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Kingdom, and focused on the core values of their products and services. Using the Kingdom cards, the students had to define the values that best fitted with their startups. This was first done individually and then discussed in groups, and the Kingdom cards worked as a tool to trigger the discussions.

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The last method was the Product Box. Every group of students had a cardboard box, and they had to transform it into the package of their product. This presented a challenge, especially when the startup was not focused in a physical product but in a service or something that could not easily be stored in a box. This exercise helped the students make decisions about the names of their products, slogans, pictures and other stories, and forced them to think outside the box with an actual box.

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The students had amazing ideas and we hope we managed to offer a new perspective that helps them grow, and that they can reuse in the future. Creative thinking encourages people to think in a different way and pushes your mind to come up with unexpected solutions and new insights. And it always involves three things: more doing than talking, lots of fun, and many, many post-it notes.

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