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Published on September 5, 2019 by María Crucera

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If you work with different clients you probably have experienced the complexity of collaboration on projects. Different experts with various fields of expertise, with very different ideas, all of them involved in a project where nobody has a common vision, and where nobody is used to work with each other... sounds familiar?

We experience these issues often and we are trying to make this process smoother and more efficient.

Context Cards

The context cards are a set of visual cards that we created to deal with this complexity. By providing graphic elements to support the communication, it's easier for all the parties involved to share valuable insights and make more informed decisions. The set contains different categories (people, objects, mobility/places and communication) that help us establishing a common language with our clients, users and stakeholders.


Why use the Context Cards?

The cards are very versatile and can be used with different goals:


How and when we use them varies from project to project. Some examples:

The possibilities are endless, but to make things easier we have put together some concrete exercises:


Example: Stakeholder Map

Let's have a closer look into one of these examples. Here are some steps we follow and some insider tips about our workflow. These are meant to inspire you, but please feel free to explore other methods and use the cards any way you like.

The purpose of a Stakeholder Map is to get an overview of the different stakeholders involved in a project.


Follow up

Hooray, you've created your Stakeholder Map! But what's next? Anything you want, actually. Here are some examples of some actions you can take after creating your map:

• Use dot-voting with the group to determine focus.

Digitise the map and use it to show your team or customer.

• List the information and use it as a backlog.

• Go back to it in later stages of the project to double-check that you are still involving the right people.


Enough said, start doing! You can download the Context Cards here.

It's totally free, and you can either print them at home or send them to a professional printshop. We only ask you a couple of questions in return!

We hope you enjoy them!

Feedback or questions?

We're very curious to see how you use the cards. If you do, we'd love to hear about it! Feel free to tag us on Instagram (@knightmovesdesign) if you take some photos during your workshops.

Or you can mail us for questions or more information at

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