Blockchain in the teleticket market

Published on November 2, 2017 by David Morgan

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Last Thursday our team went to the Antwerp Sportpaleis for a workshop about blockchain technology and how it could contribute to a more fair ticket market. The participants of the workshop were different stakeholders such as the promotor of the artist, policymakers, technology partners, the ticket market itself and the executive government. Together we explored the opportunities and risks of blockchain technology in the ticket market. We used our Kingdom cards to open the discussion and later on we co-created the future of blockchain together.

In the morning Thomas Marckx of TheLedger explained more about blockchain technology before the workshop took place.

Afterwards our knights introduced the Kingdom cards to the participants. The cards worked as a tool to open up the discussion between the different stakeholders. The groups formulated five opportunities and five risks of the blockchain technology use in the ticket market and presented to the other stakeholders to open the discussion.

The second phase of the workshop was a game to create different scenarios in groups. The participants had to take place in three mixed groups of stakeholders. Together they created consensus on different scenarios to form the smart contract.

To end the workshop some next steps were noted to think about the following phases of introducing blockchain technology.

And of course this interesting day ended with a backstage guided tour around the Antwerp Sportpaleis. Thank you to all the participants and the Antwerp Sportpaleis!

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