A squire's tale

Published on June 21, 2019 by Julie Dhont

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There once were two squires that wanted to become apprentices in the magical craft of service design. They heard of  a certain Kingdom called Knight Moves, where all knights were very skilled in this discipline. The squires didn’t know what to expect, but they tried their luck and applied for an internship. After an interview and a few (digital) pigeon letters, they got in! For the next three months, the noble Knights took it upon themselves to teach them the ways of Service Design. Here’s their tale:

Hi! I’m Yannick Vercruysse, a Devine (Digital Design & Development) student at Howest. You know how they say that time goes by in a blink of an eye? Well, the last three months felt exactly like that. I’d like to give you an insight into my experience as an intern at Knight Moves.

Service design is like balancing on a rope. You have to find the right balance between customer requirements and your design expertise. This means you want to listen to the client and try to satisfy their wishes as much as possible. But also conducting research and, if necessary, convincing them of a different approach, better fit for the needs of their users. 

I personally don’t see service design as a separate discipline. I believe it is a method that everyone should apply. The only thing you need are the right Knights for the job, who can help and guide you in this field of expertise.

My internship gave me an overview of what the process of a (digital) service looks like. I liked being involved in every step of the process. It is clear to me that the combination of service design and UX / UI is really my cup of tea. I am very happy that I got this internship and I feel completely ready for the professional field. I’m sure that we’ll meet again soon. See you around!

Hi! I’m Lara Martel, a student Idea & Innovation Management at the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels. I’m ending this internship with a lot of good thoughts that I want to share with all of you.

Before my internship, I was curious about service design and I wanted to discover all dimensions of a fully immersive customer experience. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of human needs and the service design process. During my internship, I had the chance to learn about service design tools, such as customer journeys, service blueprints, persona's and so on.

While working together with these Knights, I noticed some kick-ass qualities. The most powerful strength of this team is definitely their collaborative skills and their ability to learn from each other. The current innovative culture provides opportunities for them to improve themselves and makes sure they can reflect on the way they work. By always iterating on their internal processes, they seek the best possible way to create new services and to represent an end-user’s voice. 

I enjoyed working with all of these Knights. Every single one of them has unique characteristics that I won't easily forget. I want to thank all of them for guiding and supporting me during the internship and for being so kind to me. Thanks to them for caring about my thoughts and feelings, I felt at home in this castle. 

I have definitely grown a lot and I am grateful for the experience in such an inspirational environment. I’m looking forward to the future quests I will be facing, and I will try to conquer them with a lot of passion and guts, just as these Knights do. 

It was fun having you guys! Thanks for all the hard work & we hope to see you around. 

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