Leap Forward

Published on 11 Jul, 2017

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Three years ago, our Knights put on their armour, sharpened their swords and stepped into the battlefield for the first time. The quest towards better services and customer experiences had only just begun.

Lots of things have happened since. We worked with all kinds of organisations. We talked to, collaborated with and learned from all of our customers. We worked closely with so many inspiring people and took co-creation to the next level. We searched opportunities to create innovative service strategies. We prototyped, tested, redesigned, and tested again. We have evolved, we have grown and we have enjoyed every part of the journey. It has been an amazing adventure so far and we are ready to take it one step further.

Design and technology have always gone hand in hand in our way of working. The incredibly fast evolution of new technologies such as virtual reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence opens up a wonderful world of opportunities to connect with customers and change how we do things in the world. Thanks to these new technologies we now have endless possibilities to reinvent how we live, work and interact with each other.

At the same time this evolution also brings increasingly complex challenges. Today, it has become more and more difficult to make the right decisions and invest in valuable strategies that move your organisation forward. We are proud to have learned so much about innovation in our projects of the last years. We took every chance to share our knowledge with the public in our Arena. The main thing we discovered is that the future will require even more collaboration and thorough understanding of people's needs. Sensing human behaviour and adapting fluidly to ever-changing customers’ needs will be crucial for succes in the world of tomorrow. We are committed to be at the frontline of this story and will continue to deliver great designs and innovation for our customers.

Such a challenging quest not only requires responsibility and commitment, but also new alliances and collaborations to strengthen our cause. At the beginning of this year we joined forces with our friends from Little Miss Robot and Once, and started a new design and innovation adventure: the Leap Forward group. Combining our service design skills with their experience in digital product design and storytelling we are now more ready than ever to take on any challenge and create unforgettable experiences. 

Our focus remains on discovering value for innovation and delivering breakthrough services and meaningful customer experiences. Equipped with the right arms and attitude and with the support of our new allies we are more motivated than ever to take on this challenge.

To many more years of making the difference!


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