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Why should you invest in Service Design?

What we do

We help your organization in the research, design and delivery of breakthrough services and customer experiences.


We combine qualitative and quantitative research to discover opportunities for innovation. By collaborating with your team and with real customers we define compelling and coherent service strategies. We run prototypes and service simulations to test our ideas early and often.

Service Design

Today great customer experiences run across channels, applications, physical locations and digital devices. Inspired by gamification, new technology and storytelling we make things work together and ensure that people connect on an emotional level with your brand, your services and your products.


A maker attitude runs through our veins. We start the collaboration between design and technology from day one! Our developers build the experience of digital products to support your services. As part of an ecosystem of different companies we have expert reinforcements close-by, ready to take on any assignment.

At Knight Moves, we believe that carefully designed service experiences make the difference.
They trigger people’s natural curiosity and motivation. They make them return to the same brand.
Again and again.

Working with us

Public, corporate or startup, our approach works for any kind of organisation. We blend design methods with agile processes to help you reach powerful results faster.

  • Years of experience in the field: we have all the necessary skills on board to make your project successful.

  • We value the importance of tangible results early on to clarify the steps and actions that are needed to improve your service.

  • We test our ideas against the market at every step to make sure results are both viable and valuable. 

  • We live by agile processes to design and deliver our projects with a maximum succes in a shorter period of time. 

  • Responsibility and commitment are core values of our company. We see feedback as an opportunity to learn and will request for it often.

  • We are part of the Leap Forward network and have expert reinforcements close-by, ready to take on any kind of assignment.

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Join us for a grand event packed with inspiration, learnings and hands-on action on some of the most relevant design topics of today and tomorrow.

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