Engie M2M

Building global connectivity for the Internet of Things

Designing a home for IoT network providers: EngieM2M

Mapping the context of the Engie M2M organisation

The Customer

Engie M2M is a subsidiary of the Engie Group. They are implementing a large scale Internet of Things network in Belgium. This network offers connectivity for a wide range of connected objects.  At a longer reach, lower cost and lower energy consumption than existing solutions.

Mapping the context of the Engie M2M organisation
New customer experiences made possible by IoT

The Challenge

In a quickly evolving market such as the IoT, it’s important to communicate clear messages and distinguish the unique qualities of your services to customers. We were asked to create a new website that helped the corporate startup articulate its message to a broad set of organisations and enterprises.

"The Internet of Things has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did, maybe even more so..."

Co-creation to draft different communication prototypes

The Quest

We started the project with a set of design workshops to map the needs of customers as well as the context of Engie M2M ’s organisation. For consumers, organisations and government, the possibilities of IoT are seemingly endless. We looked for opportunities to design a pitch that showed both this huge potential as well as the individual experiences that will result from it.

Co-creation to draft different communication prototypes

The Result

Based on our insights from the workshops we drafted different communications and a visual prototype. This grew into a final website and a short infographic video. The message of Engie M2M is presented in a powerful, but simple way. Thanks to our agile design approach we were able to support the fast pace of the startup with quick results, but get close feedback and a strong collaboration at the same time. Check out the results!


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